So you've read a little about the Massachusetts OUI laws, but let's face it, what you really want to know is the penalties you can expect to face if convicted. After reading this information, you'll have a better understanding of the punishments you receive if you plead or are convicted.  Similar to all criminal cases, the penalties for OUI in Massachusetts depend upon certain factors such as your criminal record and the seriousness of the facts in the current against you.

Any license losses listed below for pleading or being convicted will be added to any license loss that you receive for refusing the breath test under the implied consent law.

IMPORTANT:  On first offenses many lawyers who don't specialize in fighting OUI cases may try and sell you a disposition called a continued without a finding (CWOF). BEWARE: This is virtually the same as pleading guilty, carries the same penalty, counts as a first offense if you are arrested again and stays on your record forever. Any employer that checks your record will know you have admitted to a drunk driving charge.

Massachusetts has a lifetime look-back period and any offense you admit to will come back to haunt you.  The penalties are only getting harsher.

Massachusetts OUI First Offense

Massachusetts OUI Second Offense

Massachusetts OUI Third Offense

Massachusetts OUI Fourth Offense

Massachusetts OUI Fifth Offense