March 2016

Hingham District Court – The officer reported he stopped behind the client who was parked in a running car at the end of a dead end street and while approaching the client on foot, the client put his car in drive and attempted to drive away. The officer stated he shined his flashlight into the client's car and yelled for him to stop, which he did. The officer reported the client smelled strongly of alcohol, had slurred speech and glossy eyes, seemed very nervous, did not know what time it was and refused to answer and became agitated and uncooperative after being asked if he knew what town he was in. – CASE DISMISSED

Dedham District Court – The officer testified he stopped the client for a delayed start at a light that had turned green, accelerating rapidly, then slowing down, tapping the brakes, traveling back and forth between the yellow centerline and the right edge of the roadway approximately five times, crossing slightly over the marked centerlines as traffic was passing in the opposite direction and lastly driving over the snow on the extreme right side of the road. The officer stated the client continued driving at the same speed after his lights and siren were activated, but eventually stopped and after coming into contact with the driver watched as the client removed his seatbelt with such force, the buckle and belt draped outside the car. The officer further stated there was an odor of alcohol coming from the car, that the client handed him a multiple cards that were not his license after specifically asking for his license and when he exited and was asked to walk to the front of his car, he bumped his right arm on the driver's side rear view window and stopped by the front left tire. The officer testified the client was unable to say the alphabet as instructed and failed the one leg stand field sobriety test. – NOT GUILTY

Hingham District Court – The officer testified that he saw the client reverse onto Route 53 from a parking lot without yielding, hesitate in the travel lane causing the officer to come to a complete stop, abruptly pull forward and reenter the parking lot and then with her left turn signal on, proceed out onto Route 53. The officer further testified the client slowly drove with her left turn signal on and watched as her tires crossed over the double yellow lines twice at which point he conducted a traffic stop. The officer stated the clients hair was disheveled, her eyes were glassy and bloodshot, she did not have her license or registration on her, the car smelled strongly of alcohol, her speech was thick-tongued and slurred and she admitted drinking when asked. The officer stated the client was immediately off-balance while exiting her car and she could not say the alphabet or count backwards as instructed and failed the one leg stand and walk and turn field sobriety tests. – NOT GUILTY

Hingham District Court – The officer testified that after responding to the report of an accident where a car hit a building, he came into contact with the client who had slurred speech, bloodshot and glassy eyes, was unsteady on her feet and continually needed to be prevented from falling. The officer stated the client denied driving and then almost immediately stated all she was trying to do was back up. – NOT GUILTY