Brighton District Court The officer testified that he stopped the client for driving without working rear parking lights.  The officer stated that the client had a hard time understanding the officer's request for license and registration, responded in a thick-tongue, had a flushed and slack facial expression and appeared disoriented.  The officer further testified that there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car, the client admitted drinking, and after exiting and almost walking into oncoming traffic, swayed in place at the front of his vehicle, and had bloodshot and glassy eyes.  The officer stated the client failed the one leg stand and walk and turn field sobriety tests and could not say the alphabet as instructed. – NOT GUILTY

Dorchester District Court – The officer reported that after responding to a report of an accident, he spoke with the client, who was the driver of the last car in the three-car chain-reaction crash.   The officer stated the client smelled moderately of alcohol, had slurred speech and glassy eyes, walked unsteadily to the rear of his truck and admitted drinking one beer. The officer further reported the client failed to say the alphabet or count backwards as instructed and failed the walk and turn and one leg stand field sobriety tests. – BAC 0.18, CASE DISMISSED