Boston Municipal Court – The officer reported that an officer approached the client after seeing him stopped with his two right tires on the sidewalk and, after seeing he was passed out, banged on the window to wake him up at which point he noticed the client had trouble finding the door's handle so he could get out of the car. The officer stated that when he arrived, the saw the client had bloodshot, glassy eyes, smelled strongly of alcohol, admitted drinking one beer when asked, although later stated two, swayed from side to side as he stood on the sidewalk, and was off-balance and stumbling as he walked. The officer further stated the client failed the one leg stand field sobriety test – CASE DISMISSED

Quincy District Court – The officer testified he activated his emergency lights to stop the client after he saw the client swerve into the breakdown lane and then swerve left over the skip line into the left lane, but the client did not immediately stop. The officer stated the client exited the highway and then stopped after the officer activated his siren. The officer further stated that after approaching the client, the officer noticed he had bloodshot, glassy eyes, appeared disoriented, was slow and deliberate when presenting the officer with his license and registration, had slow, slurred speech, smelled like alcohol and admitted drinking a few drinks when asked. The officer stated the client was slow and unsteady while walking, failed the walk and turn field sobriety test and could not complete the one leg stand field sobriety test. – NOT GUILTY