August 2015

Dorchester District Court – The officer testified he stopped the client for speeding and aggressive driving.  The officer stated the client did not immediately respond to his lights and eventually came to a very slow rolling stop after the officer sounded his siren. The officer testified the client had extreme difficulty with his hand-eye coordination as he fumbled through paperwork after being asked for his license and registration.  The officer stated the client smelled of alcohol, had extremely glassy and bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, used his door for balance as he exited his car and appeared to be unsteady on his feet and stumbled as he walked. The officer stated the client failed the walk and turn and one leg stand field sobriety tests and could not say the alphabet as instructed. – OUI, NOT GUILTY; ENDANGERING, GUILTY

Quincy District Court – The officer reported that after responding to a two-car crash, he spoke with the client who smelled strongly of alcohol, had bloodshot and glassy eyes, slurred speech and who admitted having a couple beers after work.  The officer stated the client appeared off-balance before beginning the walk and turn field sobriety test, fell over after one large step, had to grab the officer to keep himself from falling on the ground and could not complete the test.  The officer further reported the client could not say the alphabet or count backwards as instructed. – CASE DISMISSED

Boston Municipal Court – The patrolman stated that after the accused entered a sobriety checkpoint he gave off a strong odor of liquor on his breath, noticed he had struggled to find the appropriate documentation that was requested, had irritated  eyes and was unbalanced when getting out of his automobile. The policeman claimed the client did not pass the walk and turn and one leg stand field sobriety exams. – BAC 0.13, CASE DISMISSED       

Norfolk Superior Court – The patrolman stated  that after attending to an accident, he saw the accused was confined in his vehicle and had to be cut out.  The patrolman said the client had a strong odor of alcohol, had unintelligible speech, red eyes, and could not stable himself on his feet.    – GUILTY PLEA TO OPERATING UNDER THE INFLUENCE WITH SERIOUS BODILY INJURY. NO NEGLIGENCE CHARGE AND A REDUCTION IN BOTH THE FELONY CHARGE AND MANDATORY JAIL SENTENCE