If you have been charged with a Nantucket driving under the influence (DUI) offense, you have come to the right place. Attorney Stephen L. Jones has a successful track record of having his clients' charges reduced to a lesser offense or dismissed completely. He can aggressively defend you against the serious charges you are facing in order to avoid a drunk-driving conviction.

Thanks to his experience and achievements, Mr. Jones is the only Massachusetts DUI defense attorney to be recognized as a “Super Lawyer.” A frequent speaker at legal conferences and seminars, Mr. Jones also authored a popular book on the topic of DUI defense. Mr. Jones is a regent of the National College of DUI Defense as well as a Vice-Chairman for the DUI Committee of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

You may be wondering if hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney is worth it. Consider this—if you are convicted of drunk-driving, you may be ordered to spend time in jail, pay expensive fines and court costs, perform community service, and complete mandatory alcohol and drug education classes. Your insurance rates will also be increased, and your driving privileges will be taken away. In addition, your DUI conviction will be reported on your criminal record, which can be viewed by third parties every time someone runs a background check on you. However, with a qualified Nantucket County DUI attorney on your side, your chances of avoiding these penalties are increased.

Thanks to his intensive training on field sobriety tests and breathalyzer testing, Mr. Jones understands how to investigate his clients' cases. Whether you received a failing grade on the field sobriety test or tested over the legal limit on the breathalyzer, he will analyze these tests to determine if any errors were made and will make a motion to have them excluded if there were.