If you are facing a drunk-driving charge, DUI attorney Stephen L. Jones is here to help. Mr. Jones is well-known throughout the Massachusetts legal community for his dedication to clients accused of drinking and driving. He has helped thousands of clients, many with cases similar to yours, obtain favorable outcomes.

In Massachusetts, you may be charged with DUI for possessing a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher, though this legal limit is much lower for underage drivers. To determine your BAC, the officer will ask you to take a breathalyzer test. Unfortunately, the breathalyzer test is not always accurate, so having a DUI defense attorney on your side who understands these tests is extremely important. Mr. Jones has undergone intensive training on the Massachusetts breathalyzer and can investigate your test to determine if it was accurate. If your reading was affected by a medical or dental condition, a faulty machine, or improper administration, he can challenge your results.

The consequences of a drunk-driving conviction have the potential to significantly impact your life now as well as your future. If you are found guilty, you could face penalties such as expensive fines, probation, a suspended driver's license, community service, alcohol and drug education classes, and even jail time. An increase in your insurance premiums is also probable once your insurer learns of your DUI offense. In some cases, your insurance coverage may also be cancelled.

Mr. Jones is Board Certified in DUI Defense and is the only Massachusetts attorney to be named a “Super Lawyer” in this category. One of the regents of the National College of DUI Defense, a legal organization that educates other DUI defense attorneys, Mr. Jones often speaks at conferences and seminars on the topic of how to successfully defend drunk-driving cases. He is also the author of a popular book on DUI Defense.