An explanation of the Massachusetts field sobriety tests

Is A Failed Field Sobriety Test Defendable?

The vast majority of people arrested for OUI or DUI or DWI are arrested based upon their performance on so-called field sobriety tests. It's important to know that these tests do not measure whether you are sober or not. They measure your ability to be able to stand on one leg or walk a straight line.

These field sobriety tests have been determined to have no relationship to your ability operate your motor vehicle. They merely test your balance and coordination. Everyone is graded the same, whether you're 20 or 55. Whether you are overweight or underweight. The police officer has no idea whether on any given day at any given time you have the ability to perform these tests.

These are the only tests you'll ever take you need a 100 to pass. A 99 and you're under arrest.