Defending Your OUI Case in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Defending Drunk Driving Arrests in Massachusetts

I'm glad and proud that we've helped so many people get their lives back on track, and nothing gets your life back on track like a not guilty verdict.  People in Massachusetts, from each and every town in Massachusetts, have come to us for defense of their drunk-driving case. My lawyers specialize in handling drunk driving or DUI or OUI or DWI cases in Massachusetts.

There are certainly people who have alcohol problems and who are multiple offenders and they're charged with this crime. But the vast majority of our clients are the soccer mom who says “how am I going to get my kids to practice?” They weren't driving home falling down drunk. They had a few drinks and couldn't stand on one leg when God gave them two, and all of a sudden they are under arrest. It's easy to get arrested for this. Real easy.

The vast majority of people arrested for OUI or DUI or DWI are arrested based upon their performance on so-called field sobriety tests. These tests do not measure whether you are sober or not. They measure your ability to be able to stand on one leg or walk a straight line. These are the only tests you'll ever take that you'll need a 100 to pass. A 99 and you are under arrest.

There are many ways to show that field sobriety tests are inaccurate and an unfair indicator of whether or not you were under the the influence of alcohol.

The most important thing to look for in choosing a drunk-driving lawyer in Massachusetts is the level of knowledge that they have, the level of preparation that they are going to devote to your case, and the last thing is trial ability. You need to ask the lawyer how many trials do they have a year and how many do they win.

The important thing to remember is that you can win your case.