Despite what many people assume, successfully fighting a driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Hampshire County is certainly possible. Attorney Stephen L. Jones has dedicated his practice to helping citizens accused of drinking and driving. He has helped thousands of clients reach a successful outcome, whether that is getting the charges reduced to a lesser offense or getting them thrown out completely.

Mr. Jones is one of three attorneys in Massachusetts Board Certified in DUI Defense and is the only Massachusetts attorney to be recognized as a “Super Lawyer” in this field. He is one of the regents of the National College of DUI Defense and is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars on how to defend DUI cases. In fact, he authored a popular book on the topic of DUI defense that is referenced by other defense attorneys across the state.

When you hire Mr. Jones to represent you, he will immediately begin analyzing the evidence in your case in order to build a strong defense. This may mean reviewing police reports and videotapes as well as investigating your breathalyzer test. If he finds any errors, he can challenge this evidence in your case and may even move to have your charges thrown out.

Because Massachusetts has taken a harsh stance on drunk driving, you could be subject to severe penalties if convicted. Your license may be suspended by the department of licensing and you could be sentenced to incarceration, probation, alcohol and drug education classes, and large fines. Your insurance premiums will also be increased for a period of time.

The consequence of a DUI conviction that will last a lifetime is your criminal record. Easily accessible by third parties, your DUI offense will show up every time a background check is run. This means that you could be terminated once your employer learns about your conviction and you could lose out on future employment opportunities.