Have you been accused of driving under the influence (DUI) in Massachusetts? You need a DUI attorney to handle your case in order to avoid a conviction that will have serious repercussions on your life now and in the future. Attorney Stephen L. Jones aggressively defends clients, like you, who have been accused of intoxicated driving.

If convicted, the judge may sentence you to serve jail time and/or probation, pay fines and court costs, perform community service, and attend substance abuse education classes. In addition, your license may be suspended for a period of time, though a limited permit may be an option for some cases.

Even after you complete your court-imposed sentence, your life may still be affected by your DUI conviction. While your offense is on your driving record, your insurance rates may be increased. If you are labeled a high-risk driver, your insurer may cancel your policy altogether, and you will be forced to look for expensive coverage.

Once you are found guilty of drunk driving, you will develop a criminal record that will follow you the rest of your life. Because this record can be accessed by third parties, current and future employers can find out about this crime and it could lead to termination or denial of employment opportunities.

Fortunately, these consequences could be avoided with the right DUI attorney on your side. Mr. Jones has represented thousands of clients and has a high success rate of having their charges reduced or dismissed altogether. One of the eleven regents of the highly-regarded National College of DUI Defense, he has written a book on the topic that can be found in attorney offices throughout Massachusetts. Mr. Jones is Board Certified in DUI Defense and is the only attorney in Massachusetts to be named a Super Lawyer in this field.

Not content to take the police report and breathalyzer test results at face value, Mr. Jones will thoroughly investigate your case in order to build a strong defense.