Some people are tentative about the merits of retaining the services of a driving under the influence (DUI) attorney, believing the cost is prohibitive.  However, a drunk-driving conviction is generally far more expensive. From paying fines and court costs to taking time off of work to serve jail time or perform community service, your bank account will suffer. DUI Attorney Stephen L. Jones has the skill and training necessary to aggressively defend you against your serious charges.

One of the top DUI defense attorneys in Massachusetts, Mr. Jones has represented thousands of clients accused of drunk driving. He has an impressive track record of procuring favorable outcomes. Mr. Jones is the only attorney in Massachusetts to be named a Super Lawyer in the category of DUI defense. Thanks to his reputation, he is a frequent speaker at legal seminars on the topic of defending intoxicated drivers.

Mr. Jones has undergone extensive training on breathalyzer and field sobriety tests, which is used to his clients' advantage. If you were arrested due to failing either of these tests, he will launch a full investigation to determine if they were administered correctly. If the tests contain errors, he will challenge the results in order to help your case.

The penalties for DUI in Berkshire County could include jail time, probation, a suspended driver's license, fines, court costs, community service, and substance abuse treatment. In addition, your insurance rates will increase drastically once your insurer learns about your conviction. Some companies may even drop your coverage altogether.

A DUI conviction can even reach into your employment. For professions that require a clean driving record, such as a chauffeur, taxi driver, or commercial truck driver, you may be terminated immediately. Because many employers run background checks before extending a job offer, you may lose out on a valuable employment opportunity once they learn about your drunk-driving offense.

Mr. Jones's primary goal is to help you avoid the ramifications of a Berkshire County DUI conviction. Working tirelessly on your case, he will do anything he can to secure the best possible outcome.